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The Overseas Investment Immigration & Wealth Management Union(OIIU)offers a platform for investors and developers to exchange information , improve their knowledge and network with like-minded individuals regarding companies , EB-5 develops , real estate developers , law firms , trusts , tax and virtually any international business issue particularly related to the region . Members include the world`s leading lawyers , EB-5 develops CEO , overseas estate developers CEO , immigration argents , bankers , fund managers , investment advisers , personal investors and other professionals from all around the globe .

海外投資移民與財富管理聯盟為中國投資人和國外開發商提供一流的平台 , 使之交流信息 , 提升知識水平 , 與具有相似意向或目的的人們結識 , 涵蓋企業 、 EB-5開發商 、 房地產開發商 、 律師樓 、 信託 、 稅務和所有與亞洲相關的國際商務問題 。 協會成員包括全球知名律師 、EB-5開發商總裁 , 房地產開發商總裁 、 移民中介 、 銀行家 、 基金經理 、 投資顧問 、 個人投資者以及世界各地的專業人士 。

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First-Year Trial

OIIU offers a first-year trial membership at no cost. Our first-year members receive the benefits of membership in addition to free marketing on our website.

Benefits 權益 :

OIIU members enjoy many benefits, including the following:

  • Gain a direct relationship with experienced OIIU representatives
  • Receive 20% discounted rates at OIIU events
  • Receive informational updates and newsletters featuring upcoming events
  • Gain Immigrant Investor Program (EB-5) news and support
  • Increase visibility to potential investors on our website and at events
  • Gain exposure through OIIU publications and news coverage
  • Have the opportunity to share information with a large, high-quality audience
  • Boost your reputation and business opportunities in the industry
  • Network and share strategies and global market information
  • Receive support for establishing regional centermarketing in China